About the Shishu Vikash Scholarship Exam (SVSE)

CENTRE FOR CHILD WELFARE & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (CCWSD) is an organization which is entirely devoted to the all round development of the children and their social environment. It has been conducting different talent search examinations for students of Std-II to Std –IX for last one and a half decade. Competition is becoming an indispensable part of the student’s life in this modern competitive age, and one must have to face it in every step of a thriving life. We firmly believe it is essential to broaden and deepen the understanding of healthy competition among the students right from the beginning, outside the rigid frame work of standard school syllabus. In course of time, the student develops an intuitive approach, critical thinking and other cognitive skills. To test their understanding of General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Reasoning along with the school syllabus and to prepare them to face other competitive exams, we are organizing a Scholarship exam for the students of Std-II to Std-IX. We earnestly solicit your co-operation in this endeavour to honour and inspire the competitive spirit in the young India.

• To develop a strong foundation with deeper understanding to face all the competitions from an early childhood.

• To equip the students with a set of conceptual skills, and make them more confident to face the ever increasing competitive world inside as well as outside the classroom.

• To look for the talent in the young, and to honour and inspire the talented young.

For Society
As a non-profit CCWSDs incomes from all sources go into the projects undertaken to address social issues around us. We aim to empower the society to do better and live well. The mission behind this examination is also not different from our other programs. We just didn't plan to involve under-privileged students in projects supported by this program but got them involved in this exam itself.


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