Concept Note on Project on Awareness campaign on Sexual Abuse in School Children

Introduction - CCWSD, a State level non profitable organization focussing on ensuring all the rights of children is planning to launch a short term project ‘Creating Awareness on Sexual Abuse in Schools of six districts of Odisha namely Puri, Khurda, Kendrapada, Bhadrak, Ganjam and Mayurbhanj’ on pilot basis to assess the vulnerability among the children towards sexual abuse and create awareness among the children, teachers, parents and community about personal safety education (PSE) towards child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

Rationale and coverage of the project - As it is evident from the current news in newspaper and TV, child sexual abuse is increasing in different forms and degrees. Since ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ to ensure a safe environment for the children imparting knowledge about sexual abuse and how to sense them and avoid is becomes necessary on elder’s part. But knowingly as the traditional parenting and educational system is lacking that so initiative has been made by CCWSD to create such awareness in all the districts of Odisha. Hence to start with and learn from the experience to make a full proof strategy to deal with the issue the project will be started in the schools having (class 3rd to 10th ) in one panchayat of each districts as mentioned above.

Duration & Partnership - The project will be implemented from July – September 2017 through a selected local NGO/organization of the district having expertise on the issue/theme and strong presence in the area in close coordination with CCWSD. Following the selection of partner, orientation will be provided by CCWSD on the project design, training process and reporting etc.

Process & Major Stakeholders - The organizations will organize awareness sessions on the issue for the children in the school with prior permission from the school authority. Apart from the discussion sessions with the children & teachers, meetings will be held with the parents, local functionaries like AWW, PRI representatives, Police and relevant district officials. Finally an assessment workshop will be held involving the key stakeholders. Required support in terms of IEC materials etc will be provided by CCWSD.

Reporting – Monthly report shall be submitted by the implementing organizations in the prescribed format along with relevant documents like newspaper clippings etc. The final report shall be submitted by October to CCWSD.

Expected Outcome - The project aims at creating awareness among the children to ensure awareness about different types of abusive behaviour, intentions and equipped themselves with personal safety knowledge and create responsibility among the guardians and school authority to ensure safe environment for the children. Depending upon the success of the project, it will be replicated in other districts on a long term basis.


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